Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Cookie

Here's a picture of the Christmas present our Chicken Sitter gave us!  Isn't it wonderful!  Notice the label says that it's to “The Girls.”  The nice lady is making us wait until Christmas Day before we can eat it.  (I wish she hadn't let us see it already.)  My mouth is watering.  

 I sure hope the nice lady makes sure we ALL get our fair share because the Babies have been crowding in when we get our special daily treats. They aren't worried in the least about the pecking order.  They just barge right in.   

We older girls have been molting, so I'll admit that we have been a little bit draggy and haven't been charging at the treats like we used to.  But I think our Christmas present might bring us out of the doldrums.  Look out Babies, here we come!