Friday, December 3, 2010

The Planting of the Greens


 At this time of the year, it is very hard to find anything green to eat.  The nice lady brings us chopped up greens as part of our breakfast every morning, but that's all there is for the day.  The nice man saw that we were pretty sad about this, so he decided to plant winter wheat.  What a brilliant idea!

First he roughed up the soil.  That was pretty interesting to watch.  I sure didn't want to get in his way.  I think that tool he used might be the same one he used on the snake.  It's pointy and it's sharp!

 What we weren't expecting was that we wouldn't be able to eat the wheat right away.  Those humans put wire things over the seeds, and we couldn't get to them.  There were a few seeds that were around the edges, and we jumped on those like a dog on a bone.

Then we started watching for little green shoots to come up, but there was nothing.

 How long do we have to wait?

Anything yet?  Wait, I think I see something!

We had forgotten about the patch that had been planted earlier.  And when we looked, there it was.  This beautiful patch of green.

 If we worked our necks just right, we could grab the wheat from around the edges. 

One of us was trying out more circus tricks.  

I wasn't too wild about having all of that wire stuff on top of the wheat.  After all, we love to scratch the ground.  But now I realize that this wheat will last much longer, and we can go out everyday and eat what grows up through the wire.  Pretty neat!