Friday, July 16, 2010


Being members of a chicken family means that we practice togetherness.  It's a "flock" thing.  However, there are times that togetherness is just too TOGETHER.

For example, take the nest boxes in our chicken house.  There are 3 nest boxes for 6 chickens.  Since we don't all lay our eggs at the same time, that should give every chicken a private place to lay her egg.  But some of us, prefer to give moral support, and share in the experience.  

I can assure you that if you're the one who got to the nest box first, you don't appreciate being the "support" for the hen who wants to lay her egg with you.

Encouraging a hen friend to leave the box you want can be difficult.  

When it's time to lay an egg, it's time!  There's not much you can do, but grin and bear it.

As much as I love my hen friends, there are times that I just want them to give me some space.