Sunday, April 25, 2010

ESCAPE! or My Adventure

I had a little excitement a few days ago. I had been climbing on the wood pile that is on one end of our side yard.

The fence wasn't attached very well at one end, and I decided to jump right through the hole. Why, you ask? To see what was on the other side, of course.

Once I was through the hole and down on the ground I realized that none of my hen friends were with me. They were all on the opposite side of the fence from me. Well, I surely didn't like that.

But I wasn't able to go back the way I came. So, I started running along the fence trying to find a place to get back in. That's when the nice lady saw me from inside her house and came outside to see what was happening. Since the neighbors have dogs and there is a neighborhood hawk around (more about this another time), I guess she was afraid something might get me.

When I saw the nice lady and man coming towards me, I remembered the wing clipping and started to run. Then I found one of the gates that goes to our pen. My friends were on the other side of the gate, and I was bound and determined to get back to them.

I tried and tried to get through it. I tried one opening and all that would go through was my head and neck. I tried another opening, then another, and I finally found one big enough for all of me to get through. I had to work at it and it was a tight squeeze, but I got through. And was I ever glad to see those other hens! Pshew!

Once I was back with my friends and my heart had quit pounding, I heard strange noises coming from the mouths of the lady and man. The noises sounded something like chickens cackling, but I think it's called laughter. Now, I'm not sure I like being laughed at by humans.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Distant Cousins

There have been some distant cousins living at our pond for quite a while now. The grass hadn't even turned green when they moved in.

After they had been there for a few weeks, the female laid her eggs, and she has been nesting on the pond's island ever since. I think she feels safe there. And her husband certainly keeps a close watch over her.

Our people have been sneaking down to the pond just to watch those cousins. There were some dogs that came visiting one day, and the nice lady had to shoo them away before they swam to the island. Then yesterday, our people had binoculars, a spotter's scope, and a camera, all just to watch a few baby cousins swimming in the pond.

I didn't understand the excitement until I saw the little things. They're so cute!

This morning, we saw the mom and dad marching those 6 little babies up the hill in the taller grass. I guess they're headed for a different pond to raise those babies. Good bye little cousins. Hope to see you later.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clean Hay

It's always a fun day when the nice lady cleans out our hen house and puts clean hay in it. When she brings the clean hay into our pen in a cart, we usually come running to see what she's doing. We like to hop into the cart and check out the clean hay before it goes into the house.

But just before she puts the new hay in, I like to try out some of my acrobatic moves and inspect it, one more time.

First she cleans out the old poopy hay. Then she sweeps the floor. There's usually some left over feed and scratch that she sweeps onto the ground for us to eat. Some of that old stuff is pretty rank, so we leave it for the wild birds to eat. (They'll eat anything!) Then it's time for us to inspect the house.

The old hay goes to the compost pile, which is another one of my favorite places. Lots of bugs and worms hide there.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Hen House

We have a very nice house. It's just the right size for 6 hens. We even stay inside all day on snowy days. (I surely do hope there won't be any more of those for a long time.) There is a stair-step roost and 3 nest boxes with an extra roost on top of the nest boxes.

With all of those next boxes, you'd think 6 hens would spread out the eggs, but we like togetherness. There have been as many as 4 eggs in one next box. We sometimes form a line waiting our turn in the nest box. If one hen takes too long, we try to hurry her along by joining her in the nest box.

Sometimes, one or two of us lay our eggs in a different nest box or in the back corner of the house. The nice lady sure looks funny when she has to climb into our house to get those hard-to-reach eggs.

Only one of us lays white eggs--my WEF. I guess white ears mean white eggs.