Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's PAR-TAY!

Wow! Did we have a great weekend or what! I wasn't too sure it was going to be fun when I woke up one morning and saw this thing right outside our gate.  Our people have one sorta like it, but this thing was like the Taj Mahal--Big and Beautiful!

When were able to get outside, we went exploring.  Too bad none of the doors were open.  I'm sure we would have had a fun time in there.  We might even have left some eggs for the owners.

Friday night was hotdog night!  Whoo-hoo, you know how I LOVE those things!  I prefer them plain, no mustard, no relish, no bun, just a hotdog.

Sis really likes them, too!  She wanted a bun with hers, but she was happy to get what she got.

Then to top everything off, the people who had parked outside our gate gave us some CORNBREAD!  What nice people.  I just love them!

I pounced on that stuff like a dog on a bone.

And I shared it.  I was so full I felt like a tick ready to pop!

I hope all of those people come back again soon.