Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Cookie

Here's a picture of the Christmas present our Chicken Sitter gave us!  Isn't it wonderful!  Notice the label says that it's to “The Girls.”  The nice lady is making us wait until Christmas Day before we can eat it.  (I wish she hadn't let us see it already.)  My mouth is watering.  

 I sure hope the nice lady makes sure we ALL get our fair share because the Babies have been crowding in when we get our special daily treats. They aren't worried in the least about the pecking order.  They just barge right in.   

We older girls have been molting, so I'll admit that we have been a little bit draggy and haven't been charging at the treats like we used to.  But I think our Christmas present might bring us out of the doldrums.  Look out Babies, here we come!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moving Day

The babies have grown so much in the last few months.  They're bigger than my White-Eared Friend!  
 As the babies have grown, there have been changes in their living arrangements, but today is the biggest change of all.  They are moving out of their baby house and moving in with the Big Girls.

Baby #1 and Sis

We've been spending a lot of time together during the day, but we've never stayed in the same house overnight.  This should be interesting.

The babies have been in the big house and checked it out.  One of the babies seems to like the roost above the next boxes.

Two of them have made sure they can make a quick get-away, if necessary.

The nice lady has assured them that they will still have their special treats.  That makes them very happy.

So, as we contemplate the changes taking place in our lives in the chicken coop, we guess we'll have to learn to share EVERYTHING with these silly Babies.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Have Babies!

  Hey, everybody!  The nice lady has decided to raise three baby chicks!  I haven't seen them yet, but the word is that they are pretty cute.  AND, they look just like Sis and I did when we were their age.


 When the nice lady went to the local feed store to bring the babies home, there were all kinds of chicks there.

 People were there with their little people petting the new arrivals.  Aahhh.

When it came time to pick out the three lucky chicks, there were lots to choose from.  Decisions, decisions!

The three lucky chicks, named 1, 2, and 3, took their first road trip from the feed store to their new home. There was lots of cheeping, and that stuff in the bottom of the box was pretty tasty.

 As soon as the road trip was over, the nice lady put them in their new home.  She dunked their little beaks into their water dish so they'd know where their water dish was.  They started drinking right away. 

Baby feed was scattered on the floor of their new home, and they ate like there was no tomorrow.

After such a stressful day, they were glad to be in their new warm home.  Contentment!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Freezing of Sis (Almost)


The recent snowy weather has reminded me of last winter when Sis almost froze to death.  Thanks to our people, she survived.  I didn't live here then, but I've heard the story, over and over.


It was Christmas Eve, and it had been snowing for hours and hours.  The nice lady came out to check on us.  Sis was outside on the ground and couldn't move.  The nice lady grabbed her and put her in the hen house, but she still couldn't move.  She couldn't even sit up, and she kept falling over.  The nice lady put her in one of our nest boxes, hoping she would get warmer there.  Sis's eyes were open, her heart was beating, but she couldn't move.  So, the nice lady took Sis into the people house.  If Sis hadn't been so cold, she would have been REALLY, REALLY, SCARED!

The people put her in a box and used some kind of machine that blew warm air onto her feathers.  Sis still couldn't stand up.  All she could do was lay on her side and jerk her legs.

Then they put her in a big dark room at the bottom of the people house with another machine that blew warm air on her.  She was still unable to sit up, and Sis heard the nice lady say that she thought Sis was going to die.  People don't think we chickens can understand them, but Sis heard the nice lady, loud and clear.

After a few hours, Sis finally thawed out and jumped up onto the side of the box she was in.  When the nice lady came downstairs to check on her and saw Sis on the box, she was so happy!  She let Sis stay in the people house overnight in the Chicken Hospital and gave her special treats.

  The next day the nice lady brought Sis outside to be with us.  Now she lets the nice lady pet her, and she lays the biggest eggs of us all!