Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids! And I Don't Mean Goats!

Every once in a while we have some smaller versions of the nice lady and man come to visit us.  We, hens, certainly get our exercise during their visits, but we also get lots and lots of special treats.


We have to be on the look-out for small, colorful feet. 

 Sometimes they're still, but most of the time they're running!  That's when we really flap our wings and get our upper body workouts!

The nice lady usually gets them to help when they're here.  They think it's fun, as long as they don't have to actually clean out our house.  Feeding us, they like.  Collecting our eggs, they like.  Cleaning out our poopy house, NO WAY!

They like to go through our gate that leads to our side yard.  I don't think they'll be able to do that very much longer.  I think they've really gotten taller just since I've known them.  And their feet are getting bigger, too!

I got a little nervous one day.  I thought the little girl was going to go up our ramp into our house!  Luckily somebody reminded her about the poop in the house.  She stopped in her tracks.

When the kids come, it's always a good time for us.  We get more treats and more attention.  That makes us very happy chickens.  And as we all know, happy chickens lay happy eggs!